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Prosperity Pay offers all contractors a compliant, efficient and lucrative solution, we are the market leader with a proven track record of maximising returns and an in depth understanding of current legislation.

Our FULLY COMPLIANT, ONSHORE products will MAXIMISE YOUR INCOME, DECREASE YOUR PAPERWORK and provide a STRESS FREE experience, with over ten years of experience Prosperity Pay WILL DELIVER all of the above.

Prosperity Pay are proud to work with experienced and qualified employees, their knowledge is key and they have built an enviable reputation for delivering outstanding customer service. Let us walk you through your options and advise you how our umbrella, Ltd Co. & umbrella alternative can work for you.

With a huge network of market leading providers and resources on hand the solution that meets your needs is waiting for you.

The contractor landscape is constantly changing, with last years changes to the rules regarding expense claims and the changes to public sector contracting which came into effect on the 6th April 2017 and the implementation of HMRC’s Employment Status Service Tool  now called CEST (which has been launched to mixed reviews). It is essential you know exactly how these changes will effect your take home pay, Prosperity Pay will be happy to advise you how these changes effect your current arrangements and how we can help.

At Prosperity Pay we constantly review our products to ensure they are structured around current and future legislation and ensure FULL COMPLIANCE AT ALL TIMES, we pride ourselves in major on going investment with a proactive, not reactive approach. Whether you are new to contracting, thinking of contracting or a seasoned professional, you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to your income and peace of mind.

Get in touch and receive a FREE REVIEW OF YOUR EXISTING ARRANGEMENTS, we can then advise you on a tailored solution to fit your individual needs. Prosperity Pay has helped THOUSANDS OF CONTRACTORS /FREELANCERS like you retain more of their income whilst reducing their administrative burden.

If your annual income exceeds £38K per year, get in touch, our solution’s can help you take home more.

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS, has your net take home decreased due to April’s changes? or maybe you are not happy with your current provider. Don’t settle for less, enquire today to discuss how we can help you stay outside IR35, learn more about the new legislation and see how you can INCREASE your pay. Prosperity Pay can ensure your net take remains at, or exceeds pre IR35 levels, get in touch and PROTECT YOUR HARD EARNED PAY. 



  • We are agency approved
  • We typically increase your pay by over 25%
  • We provide a premium service to all our clients, delivered by a friendly and experienced team.
  • We invest heavily in product development & expert advice & give a COMPLIANCE GUARANTEE.
  • We have a network of partners, our combined assets total over £750M.
  • We provide the market leading product, maximum financial return and complete peace of mind.
  • We do not require registration required for DOTAS and are not effected by GAAR, our products are outside IR35, MSC and AWR.


  • Call us and we will review your existing arrangements for free
  • Complete the application form –  Set up in hours
  • Submit your timesheets
  • We take care of your paperwork and deal with your agency
  • Weekly or monthly payments paid same day
  • Invoicing, administration and Tax returns included
  • Its free to join and free to leave
  • There are no fees when you are not working

Services we Provide

Umbrella solutions and alternatives for those working through agencies or direct clients.

Resources for contractors Insurance and mortgages

Resources for Medical insurance

Employed solution for those who work through agencies or direct clients in need of employment

Solution tailored for healthcare professionals – VAT exempt or Vatable

Company profit extraction solutions – Retain up to 85% after all charges – Click on the link  Profit Extraction Solutions for Companies


Limited company and accountancy services available through a network of accountants

Tax investigation team, a dedicated resource assisting new client’s who have been contacted by HMRC previously to onboarding

Pre-paid multi-currency cards  – Click on the link Prepaid Multi-Currency Cards