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IR35 Forum: July’s minutes are just a one-sided view

Many thanks to ContractorUK for alerting us to the fact that the minutes (undated) of the IR35 Forum meeting had been quietly published by HMRC. I say ‘quietly’ because it is apparent that they were not circulated for comments by forum members beforehand, writes IR35 forum member and Bauer & Cottrell IR35 specialist Kate Cottrell. […]

Posted under General on Mon 2nd October 2017

Social workers demand ‘respect’ to stem exodus from profession

Social workers launched a campaign today demanding respect for their profession after report revealed they work more than £600m of unpaid overtime a year. The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and Social Workers Union (SWU) say there is an urgent need to stop damaging levels of stress among social workers to prevent skilled staff […]

Posted under Uncategorised on Wed 27th September 2017

Nurses who failed English test aimed at curbing immigration set for a reprieve

Language rules introduced to curb immigration are set to be relaxed after they prevented native English-speaking nurses from working in the NHS. The NHS has a shortage of 40,000 nurses and recruiters and NHS employers have been lobbying for looser language requirements so that thousands of nurses from countries such as Australia, India and the […]

Posted under Medical on Mon 25th September 2017

Where IT contractors are currently in demand

How fitting that we’re in the ninth month of the year and there are nine IT contractor skill areas that our consultants describe as ‘hot’ in the private sector, writes Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions and Mortimer Spinks. We’re not alone in seeing the appetite from companies for IT contractors exceed the norm. The latest REC […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Thu 21st September 2017

IT contractor demand hits a new high for 2017

Demand for IT contractors leapt in August to a higher level than at any other month of 2017, a recruitment body’s index indicates. Published by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, the index measuring growth in demand for IT skills on a temporary basis shows a score of 62.1. That is higher than both 61.1 in […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Thu 14th September 2017

The tide is turning for North Sea oil and gas as investors seek new value in the sector

The UK’s oil and gas sector is reinventing itself to attract much needed investment, a new report suggests. As the industry continues to grapple with the challenges of a major downturn caused by the oil price slump, a report by Oil & Gas UK found the tide is starting to turn. The trade body’s annual […]

Posted under Oil & Gas on Tue 12th September 2017

Contractors, don’t go mad with dividends between now and April

With many limited company contractors likely to be looking at their dividends before their £5,000 allowance gets pared back in April 2018, it makes sense to remember that excessive amounts can be drawn that become illegal dividends, writes Duncan Strike, director at Intouch Accounting. Of course, most contractors rely on dividends from their company as […]

Posted under General on Thu 7th September 2017

A staggering 76 per cent of public sector departments have lost top talent

…in the wake of IR35 public sector tax reforms The public sector has been decimated following the controversial IR35 tax reforms that came into effect earlier this year. 76 per cent of departments have lost highly skilled contractors and 71 per cent of projects have been delayed or cancelled.  These are just two of the […]

Posted under General on Tue 5th September 2017

Boom in IT contractor numbers

Working in IT as a contractor through one’s own company is a growing business, an accountant armed with official stats has calculated. In fact, the UK’s stock of self-employed IT contractors has jumped from 76,972 in 2010 to 119,617 in 2016, found SJD Accountancy, which obtained figures from the ONS. But the spread of IT […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Wed 30th August 2017

Dundee a step closer to becoming a North Sea oil & gas decommissioning hub

DUNDEE has taken a step closer to becoming a North Sea oil and gas decommissioning hub with an agreement to establish a new joint venture – AF Dundee – announced by Forth Ports and AF Offshore Decom UK. The port, which is owned by Forth Ports, is installing a £10m quay extension that will feature […]

Posted under Oil & Gas on Tue 29th August 2017