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IR35 reform ‘behind 38% drop in active IT contractors’

A slump in the number of IT contractors on active assignment deepening for the third month in a row has been blamed on the April 2017 changes to IR35. The slump first became acutely visible in November 2017, when the Association of Professional Staffing Companies said its member agencies had 33% fewer IT workers in […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Sun 4th March 2018

Five IT contractor certifications tipped for a hot 2018

Five IT contractor certifications tipped for a hot 2018 It’s always been the case that when adopting and responding to new technologies and threats, businesses value contractor tech talent. But this was made even clearer in the second half of last year when more than a quarter of IT hiring managers told agency TEK Systems […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Fri 26th January 2018

Contractors warned over new winding-up rules

PSC contractors completing their tax return may be hit by  new rules if they received a distribution on winding up on, or after 6th April 2016 – and remain involved in similar trade. Issuing this alert, the ATT said the rules stop people lowering their tax liability by converting what might otherwise be received as […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Mon 15th January 2018

Techies to net ‘great deal of work’ from chip security crisis

Techies adept at patching systems are the likeliest IT contractors to benefit from the ongoing fallout from two chip vulnerabilities affecting almost all processors as far back as 1995. Disclosed by a US research team, ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ offer a window for attackers to steal sensitive data from many devices using many different CPUs and operating […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Thu 11th January 2018

Five IT contract moves that make you look like a newbie

We’re still only in single figures with how many days I’ve been back in the office since the extended festive holiday. But I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve had to steer IT contractors away from making amateur mistakes in their New Year ‘Job Jump’ To save repeating myself, and mindful of my […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Mon 8th January 2018

Brexit uncertainty prompts IT contractor ‘lock-ins’

  Conditions for IT contractors appear to be improving despite the uncertainty of Brexit — or perhaps because of it, shows an analysis of 600 freelance techies by SJD Accountancy. The accountancy firm found that 8.7% of outfits hired more IT contractors over the last six months, compared with just 3.4% who were hiring more […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Fri 27th October 2017

Will poor credit history stop my Security Clearance?

Contractor’s Question: I’ve just landed my first contract and heard I can start on BPSS Clearance (which has come through). But next, I must go through Security Clearance and I’m worried because although I don’t have a criminal record, I have six defaults on my credit file. All dating from the same month of 2013, […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Mon 16th October 2017

IT contractor demand grows despite no September bounce

September met its forecast of being buoyant for IT contractors, albeit not because it played its traditional role of being the ‘bounce back’ month after the summer holidays. In fact, although demand for IT contractors still grew in the four weeks since August, the growth in new temporary opportunities for technologists relaxed, from 62.1 to […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Wed 11th October 2017

Where IT contractors are currently in demand

How fitting that we’re in the ninth month of the year and there are nine IT contractor skill areas that our consultants describe as ‘hot’ in the private sector, writes Harvey Nash Recruitment Solutions and Mortimer Spinks. We’re not alone in seeing the appetite from companies for IT contractors exceed the norm. The latest REC […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Thu 21st September 2017

IT contractor demand hits a new high for 2017

Demand for IT contractors leapt in August to a higher level than at any other month of 2017, a recruitment body’s index indicates. Published by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, the index measuring growth in demand for IT skills on a temporary basis shows a score of 62.1. That is higher than both 61.1 in […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Thu 14th September 2017