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NHS regulator faces IR35 legal challenge

    A legal challenge against the implementation of April’s IR35 changes by NHS Improvement has reportedly been launched by medical professionals. On behalf of two of its member unions, the Independent Health Professionals Association was yesterday said to be taking the NHS regulator to court over ‘unfair treatment’ and ‘financial damage.’ The IHPA also […]

Posted under Medical on Tue 24th October 2017

Nurses who failed English test aimed at curbing immigration set for a reprieve

Language rules introduced to curb immigration are set to be relaxed after they prevented native English-speaking nurses from working in the NHS. The NHS has a shortage of 40,000 nurses and recruiters and NHS employers have been lobbying for looser language requirements so that thousands of nurses from countries such as Australia, India and the […]

Posted under Medical on Mon 25th September 2017

Third of trainee GPs not planning to work in NHS general practice

Only two-thirds of trainee GPs are planning to go on to work in general practice in the NHS, a new study has today warned. The research carried out by the University of Warwick surveyed 178 GP trainees in the West Midlands who were within three months of receiving their certificate of completion of training, and […]

Posted under Medical on Mon 21st August 2017

What’s the NHS’s IR35 policy on PSCs?

Contractor’s Question: Are limited company workers who want to work for the NHS still going to be subjected to income tax and NI before being paid into their business account? Expert’s Answer: The only thing that has changed for the NHS since April 2017 is that they are now approaching the new IR35 public sector […]

Posted under Medical on Mon 26th June 2017

Desperate hospitals beg doctors to take on extra shifts – at £95 an hour

Amid warnings chronic understaffing is putting patient safety at risk, emails and texts highlight struggle to meet need. Desperate hospitals are so short of doctors they are pleading with them to take on extra shifts, with some offering up to £95 an hour to cover gaps in medical rotas to maintain patient safety. Hospitals are […]

Posted under Medical on Tue 25th April 2017

What do changes to IR35 mean for practices using locums?

At the turn of the century IR35 legislation was introduced to tackle alleged problems of abuse by individuals. These difficulties mainly boiled down to contractors obtaining the benefits associated with running a limited company as well as those received from the end client under their employee benefits; contractors operating under a Personal Service Company (PSC) […]

Posted under Medical on Tue 18th April 2017

NHS deems its entire PSC workforce inside IR35

  The dozens of PSC contractors who will quit working at a London hospital before next Thursday look like a precursor to a much bigger exodus of such workers from the health service. In fact, despite warnings that 85% of PSCs will quit if decided inside IR35 by their client from April 6th, the NHS […]

Posted under Medical on Fri 31st March 2017

PSCs to abandon NHS IT project over IR35 changes

Thirty PSC contactors will abandon an overrun £16.5million health service IT project after a NHS trust said it would declare them all inside IR35 from April 6th, ContractorUK has learnt. Rather than stay and accept the trust’s decision, or avoid it but pay more tax by becoming PAYE umbrella staff, the 30 are set to […]

Posted under Medical on Tue 28th February 2017

New Welsh workforce body could tackle GP practice crisis

A new medical workforce planning body for Wales could help stem the number of practices forced to hand back their contracts, doctors’ leaders have said. The Welsh government announced the formation of Health Education Wales on Friday to oversee workforce planning for the NHS. HEW, which will launch in April 2017, will be run by […]

Posted under Medical on Wed 23rd November 2016

NHS looks to Poland, Spain and Romania to find new GPs

The NHS is looking to tempt GPs from European countries and is putting together a package of training and language support in a bid to tackle the recruitment crisis. There has been a lot of interest from GPs in Spain, Poland, Romania and Italy, and GP leaders are working with recruitment firms and NHS managers […]

Posted under Medical on Wed 19th October 2016