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Liberty steers F1 around the tax man

In a follow up to our article on the 28th November 2016, you will see the rules are still working for the sporting elite. The rules can work for you two! You can retain up to 90% of your income after all charges! Isn’t it time you took home more? Get in touch today and Turbo Charge your […]

Posted under Sport on Mon 30th January 2017

How Much Does a Pro Caddie Earn?

At the professional level, a caddie is much more than a man or woman who carries a golfer’s clubs, offering a tip or two about the course along the way. Caddies are often a valued member of any pro golfer’s team. To be a successful caddie requires hard work, but in the end, is often […]

Posted under Sport on Thu 13th October 2016

Super League salary cap needs raising, says leading player agent

Super League clubs cannot compete with their NRL counterparts because of the difference in salary caps between the two leagues, according to a leading player agent. English clubs lost all three matches in this year’s World Club Series, with an aggregate score of 118-28 in favour of the Australian sides – the second consecutive season in […]

Posted under Sport on Mon 3rd October 2016