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Five IT contractor certifications tipped for a hot 2018

Five IT contractor certifications tipped for a hot 2018

It’s always been the case that when adopting and responding to new technologies and threats, businesses value contractor tech talent. But this was made even clearer in the second half of last year when more than a quarter of IT hiring managers told agency TEK Systems of their intent to increase their contractor headcount in the future by 26 per cent.

And we know that experienced IT contractors will always be on the look-out for new niches in technology that provide the opportunity to learn in-demand skills and command higher daily rates, writes Alex Bennett of Firebrand Training.

But to prove the expertise required to meet the demands of new technology, contractors are incentivised to achieve industry-standard qualifications. For end-clients, certifications provide a quality benchmark; for contractors, certifications are a way to learn new skills and increase earnings.

Combining the latest rate data (from ITJobsWatch) with our company’s insider training industry knowledge, these are the five up-and-coming IT certifications for contractors in 2018.

1. Certified Data Protection Officer (CDPO)

There are huge changes coming to European data protection law when the EU General Data Protection Regulation is introduced on May 25th 2018.

Tens of thousands of businesses across the EU will soon be legally required to appoint Data Protection Officers (DPOs). This is a massive opportunity for contractors to support organisations in meeting the strict requirements of GDPR. This may also include contingent workers training and upskilling existing employees to become DPOs.

The DPOs appointed by their organisations are required have experience and knowledge of data protection law, proportionate to the type of processing the organisation carries out.

This is an ideal opportunity for contractors to certify their data protection knowledge, setting themselves apart as qualified experts in the eyes of their clients. Contingent workers may be crucial in preparing DPOs for their roles, as well as ensuring general GDPR compliance.

While there are no Data Protection Officer certifications officially accredited by GDPR, global certification bodies, like PECB, do provide and regulate Certified Data Protection Officer (CDPO) certifications.

It’s also worth noting that, as GDPR applies to all businesses that process the data of EU citizens, the UK’s departure does not exempt UK-based businesses from meeting the requirements of GDPR.

Demand for data protection training and knowledge is already booming in the run-up to the introduction of GDPR; it’s unlikely to cease after the legislation’s introduction as businesses must continue to prioritise data protection, or face fines.

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