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At Prosperity Pay we have products tailored specifically for several industry sectors, all our products are tried and tested and backed up with over ten years of experience, whatever your chosen career, WE HAVE THE SOLUTION THAT MEETS YOUR NEEDS.

If you are looking for an Onshore Umbrella, or Umbrella alternative, if you currently have or require a Limited Company structure, are currently, or soon will be, self-employed, then e-mail, call us  or fill in the contact form and we will tailor a strategy to suit your individual needs.

Attention All Public Sector Contractors  – Use our Agency Approved Limited Company, Umbrella or Employed Solution & stay ahead of the recent IR35 legislation whilst increasing your income.

Enquire today and INCREASE YOUR PAY.

Our specifically designed Locum & General Medical Umbrella has helped thousands of Locums, Nurses & Social Workers to name but a few. Prosperity Pay work with hundreds of different sectors, below is a small sample of just some of the industries we work with:


Many medical professionals were deemed inside IR35 in April 2017, thousands are now reaping the benefit of our bespoke service, we take care of your administration whilst substantially increasing your net pay, and work with: Locums, Physiotherapists, Radiologists, Oncologists, Obstetricians, Cardiologists, Anaesthetists, Nurses, Dentists & Social Workers.

Oil & Gas, Green Energy

You work in a volatile industry which can fall in and out of favour year on year, make the most of your income by increasing your net take home and let us take care of your paperwork. With long periods away home from you need a stress free contracting experience with the maximum financial return.

IT & Communications

One of our most popular products which has evolved over the years, this enables us to deliver the market leading solution specifically tailored for I.T contractors. Our clients include: System Analysts, Cyber Security, Online Gaming, App and General Software Developers along with Risk Management and Hardware engineers.


A fast expanding part of the economy, many employed workers are experiencing stagnant wage growth whilst the demand for skilled freelancers is growing rapidly, now is a great time to work for yourself and command a premium rate for your services. Higher income is often eroded by inefficient tax planning, we can talk you through your options and increase your net take home.

Aviation & Marine

Whether you are the pilot, captain or yacht manager,  work in the construction of, or fitting of boats, are VIP flight crew, or provide any related services we can help you make the most your income. Our same day payments can be made in multiple currencies.


Let’s keep it brief, you understand money and how every penny counts, let us help you to retain the maximum amount of your income, we can talk you through current legislation and how to maximise your returns.

Sports Professionals

With the increasing success of British sports men women comes financial rewarded from sponsors. Very often there is a team of people who contribute towards this success, along with Sport Professionals our tailored product helps Agents, Caddies, Personal Trainers and many more retain a higher percentage of their income.  Get in touch and we will talk you through our tailored sports product.

Social Media

Our Social Media client base is expanding rapidly, with social media stars commanding celebrity status resulting in many lucrative product endorsements. Contact us today, we have the a product for you and will guide you through the process and help you make the most of your income.