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Budget November 2017 – Key Points for Contractors

Overall a quiet budget for contractors, the main talking point before, and after, was the private sector IR35 reforms which it would seem are now inevitable. There were some silver linings however, with the announcement of consultations and discussion documents leading stake holders and contractors to believe they will have some input into the reforms, unlike the quickly […]

Posted under on Thu 23rd November 2017

What is IR35?

‘IR35’ is legislation that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) uses to establish whether a contractor is truly self-employed, or claiming self-employment status, and therefore, avoiding tax. HMRC considers that self-employed person should be able to prove the following: Choose When, How and Where They Work When is a self-employment not self-employment? Someone who has fixed hours, […]

Posted under on Mon 4th January 2016

What is my IR35 status?

As a Contractor or Freelancer you have tax advantages that permanent employees do not, Prosperity Pay will ensure you retain more of your hard-earned money, however, it is essential that you or your provider know how the UK tax authorities deal with self-employed people. This is a complicated set of rules known as IR35.

Posted under on Mon 4th January 2016

Do I pass the IR35 test?

To summarise, there several factors the tax authorities will observe to establish if you pass the HMRC IR35 test.   Substitution – Could you send an alternative to do your work in your absence? Control – Do you choose where, when and how the work is done? Mutuality of Obligation – Is your client obliged to […]

Posted under on Mon 4th January 2016